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I think I was cruised at the park today!

Forgive my giddiness. It has never happened before.

I was crossing the field above Dallas Road to get down to the water. There is that bit of woods next to them that has some paths in it. There was a man standing at the bottom of the field. Just an ordinary sort of man, roundish, dark jacket. I had one of those stray thoughts like perhaps this is the stranger who is the answer to one of my life's several poorly-constructed questions. Or something. I have those embarrassingly often.

He kept looking at me, in what I think was a fairly noticeable way, and then looking at the woods. Then he went and stood by the entrance to the path and established eye contact again. (Well, blurry face contact. He was all the way across the field.) Then he walked up the path.

I felt all giddy and lightheaded.

While I stood there dithering about what to do, a nice old couple, man and woman in matching anoraks, walked past me into the woods.

'Salright. I couldn't quite feature following up. I can't even eat in a restaurant the first time I see it, let alone compare unformed questions.

I hope I wasn't rude, though. I did make eye contact. Sort of like RSVPing and then not turning up.

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So this is how it works. You got (or, if you didn't see me in the last few days, didn't get) two playing cards with transfer art on them, sealed with nail polish. That is why they are sticky.

They represent the extremely clever gift I invented and was going to have designed, printed, and distributed in time to give to you, excellent persons of my acquaintance, or near-acquaintance, or near acquaintance.

Then I go distracted. By

a) Writing half a novel


b) Having sex


If you did not get two sticky cards from me, you have a right to claim them. If you are unable to claim them in person, or simply want to upbraid me, you may demand them via the comments field. Once you have two sticky cards, you have the right to save them to exchange for the full deck of devastating artiness, when it is finished, sometime between now and Valentine's Day. Because I had a whole different idea for Valentine's day.


Tacoma II

Nov. 16th, 2006 05:59 pm
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was incredible. Except...

if you ever want to set me up with someone...


Don't take us bowling.



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