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  • 20:43 @xxcaro Fantastic! What's still left to complete?
  • 20:45 Two glasses of riesling and I'm hooped. Bee had the gewurtz. Masses of Thai food and giggling about Boys. Excellence.
  • 20:45 Who knew you could ramble on Twitter?
  • 20:50 @spaceyspooky Only inasmuch as I like breathing and sacrificing neurasthenic humanoids to my appetite for universal destruction. And scotch.
  • 20:52 Manners for the data age: Do you have to get permission from the person you're seeing before you change your Facebook relationship status?
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  • 18:35 @spaceyspooky I love that shows the CBC cancels can now be picked up by other producers.
  • 18:57 RT @spaceyspooky: Here is where Search Engine podcast now lives. bit.ly/nASxN
  • 19:55 Where the hell did I leave my drink? I keep picking up empty cans of club soda & feeling my heart sink.
  • 19:58 @lindabeet Want to synchronize?
  • 20:02 @spaceyspooky: Hey. Elsewhere in the building. In some other universe we live in a rambling old mansion and not a pink stucco elysium.
  • 20:22 @spaceyspooky And blackberry brambles with albino voles living in them.
  • 20:22 @spaceyspooky Now I want chocolate cookie pie.
  • 20:25 We can name the voles after non-dairy dessert toppings.
  • 20:25 @spaceyspooky Want to come to a dinner party? Did I mention about the dinner party?
  • 20:27 Stand down, all; I found my club soda Where I Left It, by the TV.
  • 20:28 @spaceyspooky I hadn't thought that through.
  • 22:36 @spaceyspooky But they'd be so small they might be mistaken for berries themselves, with tragic (and crunchy) consequences.
  • 22:40 @spaceyspooky We need also some good disused niches for ghosts.
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  • 16:33 More or less upright, bathed, fed, disoriented & in possession of a Golden Key.
  • 19:29 Waiting for the second cone of lilacs to flower -- don't want to cut the first.
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  • 11:29 Note to self: do not sneeze into desk fan.
  • 16:19 Have been chided for never having tried burgundy and damned as incurious. Weep.
  • 18:47 @spaceyspooky I've used those words, but not in that order.
  • 18:47 @spaceyspooky Are you in line? Would do late show.
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  • 16:48 Complete data files in 2.5 h. I am a golden god.
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  • 21:10 First workout high ever from yoga, immediately before buttcheek cramp. Sweet ironies of life.
  • 22:25 @spaceyspooky Eerie.
  • 22:26 @spaceyspooky Oh... dear.
  • 22:26 Trying out new flossing technique. Can't tell you how exciting.
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  • 16:10 scraping tartar, dentist's chair / remember the beacon-white narcissus
  • 23:27 Now I want to write in elegaic couplets.
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20:54 In heaven the symposia will all be catered by the French department. #

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10:20 Am I really going to a symposium today? For my own amusement? #

10:25 University website won't load. If can't find symposium, can't go. #

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17:14 Every time you interrupt me to ask me how your project is going, it sets me back half an hour. #

17:16 @SharonAshwood Congratulations! Terrible puns bubble up. I will try to repress. #

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18:48 @tjlewis I have no words for that. Who's the third guy? #

18:54 @spaceyspooky We did, yeah, laughed through it - I mean the class I'll be TAing. Beowulf is on the syllabus. #

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17:16 Spring cold shades delicately into allergies w/out obvious lacuna. #

19:32 Maybe if I keep refreshing Twitter, my exam notes will appear in the stream. #

19:33 Hey. You. Say something about late-Victorian literature. #

19:44 @tjlewis Thanks. #

19:45 I made too many Ukrainian Easter eggs and gave myself Ukrainian Easter egg elbow. It hurts and it doesn't taste like chocolate. #

19:46 @Klee_Wyck: and thank you, Emily Carr. #

19:47 Even if you are on a timer. #

19:49 Is there anything odd about the words of famous 19th-century naturalists being automatically broadcast online? ...Probably not. #

20:04 @tjlewis Those are probably reproductions, though. #

20:27 @spaceyspooky And is menaced by a werewolf for her pains. #

20:41 Oh Amazon. Thou art undeserving of the name. #

21:40 Writing up flash cards now. #

23:25 @spaceyspooky I've been waiting until my exam was over. #

15:42 Exam over. Came home, slept two hours. Leapt from bed, ate chocolate croissant. Rest, check. Reward, check. Next: summer reading list. #

15:51 I love that re-reading _Fugitive Pieces_ is summer homework. Do I have to eat candy and have sex too? #

15:52 There's also Beowulf, mind. @spaceyspooky: I need to ask if we're going to watch the rotoscoped animated version with strategic candlestick. #

15:53 In fact, I think I'll do that now while it still seems clever. #

16:05 RT @artsynthesis symbolicious: s7y.us/onq. It's ☀ so I'm going out. Don't bother to ☎. The rebus is the natural response to Twitter. #

16:11 Grape hyacinth, bluebell, camas -- usually marks out narrative of spring -- this year all blooming at once, like pages stuck together -- #

16:12 @spaceyspooky Quite well, I think, and I got an undeservedly high grade on my final paper, for which I am thankful. #

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18:19 Stuck at work... no lilies for me. Whimper. #

20:55 @spaceyspooky Don't really feel like a drink. Could be sold on good TV. #

22:01 @SharonAshwood If you really want me to. #

22:02 @spaceyspooky Oi. Just got home. Sorry. Quixotic desire to get everything done at work. Not Quixotic. Sisyphean. #

22:03 @spaceyspooky Or Augean. #

22:19 @spaceyspooky Depends on whether your definition of success includes "fleeing the scene". #

23:12 In disgusting viral news, I have run out of hankies and moved on to odd socks. #

09:05 Test run on tax return. Amazing what you do when you're putting off studying. #

09:50 And the end of all our calculations shall be that we return to the beginning and find it's about what we expected. #

09:50 Now how shall I sabotage my education? I know, laundry! #

10:34 Keep ripping out left-hand pocket of trousers. Not sure why. No adamantine claws on that side. #

15:26 Walking home -- drifts of cherry petals along a stone wall -- the wind splashes them up the wall like waves against the breakwater #

15:27 & on Moss Street, the shedding cherry trees -- swarm of pink fireflies blows towards me in airy formation #

17:16 Spring cold shades delicately into allergies w/out obvious lacuna. #

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