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I sort of convulsively flung a submission at a poetry & art journal tonight. My system is to do this once every twelve to eighteen months and hope very hard for enduring notoriety.

It has not, so far, been a successful system, but that is never any bar to a gambler.



Aug. 25th, 2010 06:34 pm
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Rejection notice today, not unexpected: I really only tried because they had an online submission form. Otherwise I am so unproductive, timid, lazy and cheap that I would never submit any work at all. For this same reason, I will probably go on submitting there.

They got back to me quickly and courteously, and that must be difficult given an online form. I think, however, that they must tailor the rejection message for a slightly more aggressive style of poet.

The message explained that they weren't going to be able to use "anything from this submission". This particular submission consisted of one poem, five lines long. Five of your scanty contemporary lines, too, about three or four words each, expanding a little around the waistline and tapering in again discreetly at the foot.

If they had been able to use something from the submission, what would that mean? A handful of the more vivid and concrete nouns? Just the image of his face?

I am only teasing, of course. It was a small poem, and I had my doubts about it, but other poets I know have whole manuscripts they gamely launch at publishers over and over again, and this is my version of competing.

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The other kind.

Fiction piece accepted for This Side of West, the university writing students' magazine. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] geniusoutlaws for the submission info. Have to send .doc and .bio.

I did submit to the Geist postcard story contest. (And thanks [livejournal.com profile] argus_in_tights.) I did so at the last possible moment. It's likely that the postmark won't even get me in under. I got it all wrong I'm sure. Terrible in every respect. The reward here is in having made myself do the thing at all.

Anyway I'll get a subscription to Geist out of it. Assuming they cash late cheques.

And I was terribly proactive and made an inquiry about the anthology I submitted to. The editor is an excellent sort who I think won't mind an informal email inquiry after +/- five months.



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